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Hard Wood BBQ LLC.

"The Only Sauce You'll Ever Need"

Toll Free: 888-461-1704

Who We Are

Hard Wood BBQ LLC., was created by a member of an ordinary family who loved to have get

together's, barbecues, and just celebrate the good in life. The Borland family was known for their annual get together's every year. With deep southern roots, family would travel from Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas to Washington State, just so they could play music, dance, tell tall tales--but must of all--enjoy great barbecue!

The Borland Family Tradition still takes place today in a special place every year somewhere in the State of Washington.

As a Borland, I take great pride in the sauces, marinades, and rubs I have created from tradition, and the flavors that they offer. That being said, customer satisfaction is our goal and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Why Us?

We bottle everything locally to ensure freshness. Customers love how a small application goes a long way and gives you big flavor. Our owner, Rick, has been cooking all his life. He has spent many years as a professional chef and restaurant owner while his wife, Marlene, ran the operations. Rick draws inspiration from his Grandma's southern influence and Louisiana heritage for his classic, smoky BBQ sauce.