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Hard Wood BBQ LLC.

"The Only Sauce You'll Ever Need"

Toll Free: 888-461-1704


Where to Buy:


The Diamond Shop

700 Main St, Lewiston 

​​Lewiston, Id


Double T Meats

Eatonville WA



Route 49 TT

Noel, MO

  NEW! "Sweet Jalapeno"

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Sweet Original Pull Pork Sandwich.

"Oh and by the way it was very good!"

By Dan Borland Clarkston WA.

Sweet Original at my home tonight!

By Todd Delquidri Jr. Santa Clarita CA.

And that's what's for dinner🤑

By Stacy Goucher Clarkston WA.


News Flash!

Hard Wood BBQ.

Now Has "No High Fructose Corn Syrup" Products!

Now Sold Through Amazon

Spice Up Your Life

Need a little more spice in your barbecue?

Our signature sauce "Sweet Original" now in both Original and High Fructose Corn Syrup Free recipes is a all-purpose sauce, with it's thick, rich, smoky flavor it is surely to complement

any barbecue dish.

About the Sauces

We use the finest ingredients. Customers love how a small application goes a long way and gives you big flavor. Our Owner and CEO, Rick, has spent many countless hours perfecting his sauce. He has spent many years as a professional chef and restaurant owner while his wife, Marlene, ran the operations. Rick draws inspiration from his Grandma's southern influence and Louisiana heritage for his classic, smoky BBQ sauce.

New! "Sweet Jalapeno"! 

New! Sweet Jalapeno has a rich, bold flavor of Jalapeno which complements the sweetness of the sauce. Topping it off with the heat of the jalapeno you have a great alternative to the most popular wing sauces that everyone loves. This is a medium heat barbecue sauce. Great on meatballs, sausage and pulled sandwiches.


Sweet Original - Universal Flavor

Hard Wood BBQ Sweet Original barbecue sauce is an all-purpose seasoning and sauce, meaning it is a delicious addition to more than the usual burgers, steaks, and ribs. It is perfect for year-round cooking on the grill, in a skillet, in the oven, and even a crock pot. With its rich thickness, it sticks to your meats when applied properly. This is not a hot sauce—Hard Wood BBQ Sweet Original has a sweet and smoky flavor. Mix a little with meatloaf, baked beans, dips, soups, or pour directly onto a sandwich for a rich, bold flavor. Our sauce is available in 16-ounce bottles.


Sweet Heat - Spicy Smokey Goodness

Hard Wood BBQ Sweet Heat barbecue sauce is the spicy cousin to our Hard Wood Sweet Original. It is a savory addition to anything you would like to add a mild kick to. It is great on wings, meatballs, little smokies, as well as steaks, ribs, chicken, or mixed in with hamburger meat to bring out the best in a burger with some Monterey Jack cheese or Jalapeno on top. be creative, and you will see what a little Sweet Heat can do to spice things up.


A Safe Product

Having a pH of Four, Hard Wood BBQ Sauce does not need refrigeration, even after opening. Bacteria, including the kind that causes botulism, do not grow in a medium pH of 4.6 or below. It does not spoil or freeze as well. Since we use a brand of distilled liquid smoke, there are no carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents, present in our product. Our high safety margin makes our sauce the perfect, safe, and inexpensive gift for any occasion.

Ours Sauces

Whether you are planning an event or a relaxing dinner with the family, nothing brings people together quite like the delicious, smoky taste of barbecue. Our sauces add the perfect touch of 

flavor to every meal.

For those times when you want want to spice things up, try our Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce. It has all the sweet savory goodness of our Sweet Original, but with a little extra kick to it.

This Trio makes for a Great Sandwich!